Fashion Illustration by Faye

The new website is up and running¬† and I will be adding new work to the site regularly. If you haven’t checked in to the site lately then swing by the illustration portfolio for a look.¬†


Daisy Beale is a Twit

Join Daisy Beale for Pinot and Portugese chicken in Petersham on Daisy Beale’s Daily… and see her at twitter…


Daisy Beale shops Leura Vintage

leura vintage

leura vintage

Daisy’s Daily is next stopping by Leura Vintage in Leura… story and pics soon.

Daisy Beale's Daily

Back from the far East and in Katoomba for the summer, Miss Daisy Beale has been perusing and sketching in a plethora of local vinatage clothing shops and had turned up some bargains and treasures…
visit this new illustrated fashion journal and sketchbook blog from Daisy Beale’s journals …

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