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Work from artist, curator, illustrator & writer Faye Wilson who is also the creative director, designer & publisher of Blume Illustrated – an independent, annual arts magazine. See & read all issues online free at 

Two from a new series of hand beaded image poems titled Strange Loops by NSW artist Faye Wilson 2021 (first exhibited in her exhibition Yed & Rellow at Platform Gallery, 2017.  Yellow jade; cinnabar, hand dyed wood and glass beads and waxed twine.

“Little red caterpillar falling from heaven on a yellow leaf” & “Little yellow caterpillar falling from heaven on a red leaf”

“The Collection.” Faye Wilson, 2020. Digitally coloured and retouched photographs of native and exotic birds housed in glass cases that are part of the Mel Ward collection housed at Mount Victoria Museum, Mount Victoria, NSW. The series was exhibited as part of Blue & Blue 2, a group exhibition conceived of and curated by Faye Wilson for Blue Mountains Cultural Centre 2020.


A hand made limited edition copy of a book of poems, paintings and photographs by Faye Wilson 2001. Hand printed by Faye Wilson. Binding and slip case by Jane Wilson.


Copies from a handmade edition and print edition of a book of poems, paintings and photographs by Faye Wilson 2001. Book design Faye Wilson. Book binding and slip case for the handmade edition by Jane Wilson. Published by Miniare Books 2001.


” Genetic Booby Trap” from the Meetees series. Hand printed Tshirt with packaging by Faye Wilson for an exhibition at Wilson Street Gallery 2006.